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Food Innovation

     To enhance the competitiveness of the food industry in this fast changing of food product and consumer behavior, science, technology and innovation are crucial. And in order to drive to cost saving and value-added, we also create network through the value chain of agriculture and food industry, fastening expertise and capability among manufacturers, research institutes, private and government supporting organisations, as well as entrepreneur in the related industries. TSP, as a “Research Estate for Private Sector” , is a unique hub for public and private R&D institutes where food innovation service alliances are located:


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Food R&D Facilities

Food-related research units of NSTDA:  are as followed

1. Food and Feed Innovation Center

          Focuses on research and development of food, with a special emphasis on using biotechnology to improve food quality to increase the value of commercial products as well as to make process improvements. The Unit aims to be a solution provider to the food industry.

        The Center has developed close linkages with overseas organizations for technology sourcing and adjust to suit to Thai entrepreneur requirements. To strengthen R&D personnel capabilities and skills, the center also offer range of service such as consultation service, technical service, equipment rental service, and training service. The Center also build a valuable knowledge based of quantitative risk analysis to set food safety criteria throughout the supply chain.


2. BIOTEC Bioprocessing Facilities

        BIOTEC infrastructure to support technology transfer of metabolites production process and valuable bio-products to related industries, to support microbial-related and Genetically Modified Microorganism(GMM) research.


3. Biosensing Technology Unit

        The Unit integrates emerging technology platforms to develop novel biodiagnostics for the needs of Thailand. The technology platforms that have been established include develop multiplex detection method for food safety and analyse food quality by applying microarray technology in combination with target-specific antibodies, develop biomarkers testing kit, and infectious diseases contamination for food safety and market competitiveness. (metabolites) The Unit also develop metabolites diagnostic process, food product quality test by analysing metabolite substance, develop production process that can preserve food nutrition, nutrient identification, and biomarker level diagnosis.

        For agricultural industry research, the unit focus to answer the actual need of aquatic animal farming and economic crops for example antibody array system for simultaneous multiple detections of foodborne or plant pathogens; DNA microarray for various applications including lactic acid bacteria identification and shrimp reproduction maturation study; identification of intestinal bacteria in shrimp using pyrosequencing technology; development of DNA diagnostic techniques using loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) to detect pathogens of aquatic animals.


4. Cassava and Starch Technology Research Laboratory

        Joint research laboratory between BIOTEC and Kasetsart University to R&D in cassava and starch-related technology to strengthen Thailand capability both public and private sectors. The laboratory focus on characterization of cassava and starch properties which provides a better insight into the correlation between the structural and functional properties of starch, which in turn is vital for developments in its modification and application; improve the efficiency of starch processing, both in terms of technology and in terms of quality upgrades; improve and alter the properties of cassava starch through a range of modification techniques, whether physical, chemical or biotechnological.


5. Biodiversity and Biotechnological Resource Unit

        Focus on R&D in biodiversity of Thailand, promote biological resources utilisation and technology transfer. Promote the fundamental research of the biology of plants and microbes (fungi, bacteria and actinomycetes) present in the forest and agricultural ecosystems. Systems Microbiology (SysMicrobe) Program aims to integrate seamlessly knowledge from computational and experimental methodologies in order to elucidate the complex and dynamic interactions within the microbial cell as a whole. The unit expertise for strain engineering, bioinformatics and bioprocess development, this program is putting particular focus on interdisciplinary research dedicated to advancing the development of microbial systems. The Unit gives special emphasis to the utilization of biotechnology as a core technology to increase the value of commercial products, such as food and feed, enzyme products, drug and bioactive compounds and biocontrol agents. BIOTEC had set up

Thailand Bioresource Research Center, TBRC preserve, provide and facilitate the coordination of exchange of biological information and resources and develop mechanisms enabled by information technologies to broaden access to biomaterials to the public and scientific community.


6. Polymer Physic Laboratory

        Specialise on Rheological and Mechanical Studies in Food Development includes the development of novel organic materials for optical and electronic applications, luminescent materials for anti-counterfeiting, stimuli-responsive viscoelastic materials, and food texture modifiers. It also provide technical and testing services in the field of rheology via 'rheology laboratory'.


7. Plastic Technology Lab

         this Laboratory conducts research and development as well as technical services, using skill and expertise of its staff coupled with appropriate application of modern technologies. Cutting edge equipment and fundamental analysis tools are the basis for building up knowledge and skill on the development of materials and technologies to better suit the needs of the end users. The capacity and activities conducted in this Laboratory are comprised of Plastic Development, Design and Production Group; Plastic Mixing and Compounding Group; Plastic Film Technology for Packaging and Industries Group.

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Food Firm

Private Food and Food-related Companies in TSP are:

1. Ueno Science Tech Laboratory (Thailand), Ltd.

R&D in food compound of(Food for Health and develop Food Sanitation


2. Air Products Asia (Technology Center) Co.,Ltd.

Research and development of industrial gas applications Gas and Cryogenic freezing and chilling technology design of plant equipment and machinery, including food freezing, processing and preservation of food


3. RPD (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Develop and produce ready-to-use media for Microbiology for food and medical industries.


4. Sretthapakdee Co., Ltd.

วิR&D on Ossein for food industryOssein)


5. Milton Biotech Co., Ltd. (Milton Biotech Co., Ltd.)

 Research and development on species, process and analysis compound of Cordeceps spp. and other herbs.


6. Mitr Phol Innovation & Research Center

R&D Center for cooperation with national research center to do R&D of new products


7. Sun Group Tecnology Co., Ltd.

R&D research center for develop new product of Sun Group is Feed,Farm,Food and finished food.


8. InnoFresh Co., Ltd

Product and process development center in Cold Sauce, Hot Sauce and Dry Powder Mix


9. Bio Talk Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

For research and development conducted on the Prototype and Pilot Process Enzyme Application is to be applied in food and feed.


10. Green Innovative Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

To set up GIB Advance Research & Development Center for researching and developing products for plants growing as well as being a manufacturer of fertilizer and plant vaccine.


11. CP Foodlab Co., Ltd.

To set up R&D center and microbiology testing laboratory for food products.


12. Vet Products Research and Innovation Center Co., Ltd.

 To research and Development in animal health products, animal feeds and animal supplement, including technical services.


13. Greattech Cybernatics Co.,Ltd

Design and develop industrial equipments and factory automation solution, Setup automation machine and vision components


14. Gravitechthai (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

To research, design,development and Prototype in Microcontroller Board


15. Biosci (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

To research, design and development software tool modules to accompany the BMS (Breeding Management System)


16. CDIP (Thailand) Co.,Ltd

R&D on pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, cosmetic and herbs manufacturer. Contract R&D service, Testing Service, Registration Service for pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, cosmetic and herbs products.


17. ECOLAB Southeast Asia Regional Technical Center

To be a research and development base for Food Safety Hygiene, Sanitation & Cleaning Processing for food and beverage processing, and a training center for Ecolab associates.

18. Betagro Science Center Co.,Ltd.

R&D Center of Betagro Group and testing lab for food and feed quality, monitoring of animal health and food products


19. Austrianova (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

R&D in Encapsulation Cell (Cell in the Box)


20. Zoetis (Thailand) Limited

Animal health diagnostic services including veterinary microbiology and serology services for livestock


21. TUV SUD (Thailand) Limited.

Provide testing and product certification services in areas of Chemical and Material, Acoustics, Electrical safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Flammability, Microbiological, Construction, Automotive Telecommunication, etc.


22. Advance Asian Co.,Ltd.

        R&D on industrial crop spices , perennial plant and energy crop species to find out the best yield to advocate manufacturer sector, develop biotechnology research to screen the best grain, cooperate with Science Technology Institute and Education Institute.

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Food Network


1. Institute of Food Research and Product Development (IFRPD), Kasetsart University

        IFRPD, a research institute, with mandate to perform research study on food science and technology to assist food industries as well as its role in providing food information to social, academic offices and communities. The Institute conduct research and development of food science and technology as well as to promote and support food industries, serve as the center of food information, transfer technology to strengthen the capacity of food industries in food competitiveness at international level, provide food quality assurance services.


2. Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University

        The Institute of Nutrition provides analytical services for public and private agencies according to the Food Act of the Ministry of Public Health. The service is accepted by the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Public Health as a laboratory that can analyze food samples for registration. At present, the laboratory can analyze more than 25 different types of foods. Its offer analytical services and full nutrition labeling; Physical Properties; Additives and Chemical Contaminants; Microbial Quality; Biochemical Assessment.


3. Fermentation Technology Research & Service Center (FTC)

        The Center provides fermentation upscaling and downstream processing for researchers, academics, and entrepreneurs from small to large company; expert consultation service; fermentation research service; manufacturing equipment rental such as Fermenter and Freeze dryer.


4. Department of Science Service (DSS)

        DSS offers test and analysis of food and beverage using science and sensory technique including food quality and food safety; food sensory evaluation; food and food product composition; quality and safety of food additives


5. Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR)

        TISTR provides fully integrated R&D service for food and food supplements range from development of food extracts or bioactive compounds; product and process innovation for food and food supplements; packaging design; machinery design and develop; as well as upscale production from lab to market.


6. National Food Institute (NFI)

        NFI offers R&D for food industry range from production, quality and standard improvement, testing and analysis service, quality certify, consultation and technical information service for food entrepreneur, HACCP consultation service

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Auto Parts Innovation

     Auto Parts Innovation Cluster (APIC) is a cluster of organizations that taking part in technology development and innovation, located in and outside TSP, with aims to gather knowledge and technology for the benefits of auto parts industry to be competitive and strengthen production capability of the manufacturers.


Auto Parts R&D Facilities   Read More


Auto Parts Firm   Read More


Auto Parts Network   Read More


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Auto Parts R&D Facilities



          PTEC provides various testing services including electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) using effective equipments with worldwide acceptance, experts consultation service, factory audit, certify service, RF Microwave and EMC equipment calibration service. PTEC have been calibrated and verified with ISO/IEC 17025 annually.

          DECC offers Computer Aid Engineering (CAE) consultation, analysis, problem solving, industrial product development, and CAE training service.

          Offers analysis, testing, and certify service in chemical and material, sound, safety of electronic devices, EMC standard, flammability in food, construction, automotive, and communication industries.

Auto Parts Testing Directory 
          Directory of Thailand Auto Parts Testing and Testing Equipment Services is the definitive guide to auto parts testing services in Thailand.

Thailand Automotive Institute 
          Provides the entrepreneur with information, analytical/testing service, training, skills certify, etc.

MTEC Testing Service 
          Offers materials and products characterization testing and analytical service for public and private sector. MTEC has more than 20 laboratories which combine the use of state-of-the-art equipment and analytical techniques with expertise in the area of materials characterization. MTEC testing result can be used as primary data for problem solving of products and manufacturing processes.

Electrical and Electronic Institute 
          Services of EEI includes electrical and electronics product testing, measuring instrument calibration, and factory quality inspection.

Thai-German Institute 
          TGI is aim at driving competitiveness capability enhancement through Automation System and Robotic including Machinery, Mould & Die Technology as well as training center for technical and management skills.

Auto Parts Firm

          Design analysis and test material for import substitution of auto parts of KEIHIN in Thailand.

          R&D in automotive tyre

          R&D in Intelligent Transportation System

Mould Mate
          R&D on rubber tracks

          Development on efficiency improvement of machinery parts made from Fine Metal Component


Automation, Robotics, and Intelligence Systems (ARI)

     Thailand have been importing Industrial Robot with 7.89% growth each year and the demand has substantially increased as a result of factories’ continuous shift toward automation and innovative technical improvements (Thailand 4.0). To strengthen Automation, Robotics, and Intelligence Systems, linkage of technology and expertise with continuous support from Thai government are keys to the success.

inno graph image
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Source: BOI

TSP as a hub of technology service providers, experts, support from government, and innovation infrastructure, therefore, is the most decent location for ARI industry development.


ARI R&D Facilities   Read More


ARI Firm   Read More


ARI Network   Read More


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ARI R&d Facilities

ARI Firm

Automation & Robotics

Sensor & Vision Systems

Equipment Design & Fabrication

  • ESS — Equity Services & Solutions
  • DECC — Design&Engineering Consulting Service Center

Cyber Security

Printed Electronics & Functionalized Graphene

Underwater Communication

Map & Geographic Information

Testing & Certification