Innovation Technology Assistance Program (iTAP)

          Innovation and Technology Assistance Program (ITAP)
          Aside from state-of-the-art infrastructure to encourage innovation, we also offer a mechanism to support the growth of SMEs by offering financial support and consultancy service. iTAP, under the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), is an industrial technology support program for SMEs to help them meet the challenges in introducing technology-based products and processes.

Why ITAP..?
    - More than 4,000 technology development projects for private companies
    - More than 1,300 expertise jointly worked with private sector
    - Expert in research projects with technology advisors who well-aware of both business and technology
    - Offer network and linkage to supporting organizations (e.g. financial, marketing)
    - Tailor to suit each company needs/problems

ITAP Services

Main Services
1. Technical problem analysis and technology development guideline by expert (free of charge)
2. Tailor designed technology consultancy project for private company

  • Provide expert that match the company need
  • Offer project management and assessment
  • Offer 50% financial support of the project budget (not over 400,000 Baht and not over 2 project/year/company)

Other Services

  • Technical Training and Seminars
  • Technology Acquisition
  • Techno-business Matching
  • Linkage to Other Industrial Service Organizations

Applicant’s Criteria

1. Strong commitment for production technology development
2. At least 51% Thai ownership
3. SME with registration fund less than 200 Million Baht

5 Benefits iTAP Offers

Increase Business Opportunity

          Problem solving from expert, reduce trial and error, time saving

Increase Profits

          7.5 times profit increase after the project implementation (information from performance assessment of external organization)

Cost Saving

          Financial support for project implementation

Workforce Saving

         Project management and monitoring support

No Worry of Technology Right

          ITAP will not taking part in Intellectual Property Right


For more information, please contact:
Tel. (+66)2-564-7000 ext. ITAP