The National Nanotechnology Center (NANOTEC) was established in 2003. Its main role is to innovate, support, and enhance national capability nanotechnology research activities as well as technology transfer to industrial sector. NANOTEC is also committed to promoting understanding and awareness of Thai community in nanotechnology news update in present and future. NANOTEC applied research in the following fields:

Nano-agriculture and Environment

          Focus on R&D in food innovation, agriculture, and environment by applying nanotechnology to develop hybrid nanostructure and surface, and nanocomposites that result on economic and social improvement as well as sustainable environmental management.

Nanomaterial Development and Nanoengineering

          Focus on development of material structure and system in nanoscale calculated by applying  computational chemistry to create simulation and pilot system in field of energy, high efficiency catalyst, and specific monitoring system for sustainability and environmental friendly.

Nanotechnology for Life and Health

          Diagnosis research and technology development using targeted molecular. Develop new drug delivery system and nanocosmetics from natural ingredients and Thai herbs for medical, public health, and cosmetic.

Nanometrology Analysis and Engineering

          Research and development in nanometrology and nanosafety, testing service in nanoscale, and engineering research prototype to support manufacturing and service sector to be able to compete in the international level.

Specialty Nanomaterial and Advance Nanotechnology

          Develop specialty nanomaterial with specific qualification to suit requirements of textile and consumer product to utilisation of natural resources and for better quality of life.

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