National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)
was established in 1991 and is governed by the Minister of Science and Technology. Aims to support Thailand’s industrial and agricultural sector prosper in an increasingly competitive global economy by using science and technology. NSTDA consists of 4 national technology centres, together with the Corporate Office and Technology Management Centre (TMC). The four national technology centres are

         NSTDA collaboration with other government agencies, private sector, and universities, and the  leads to valuable strategic partnerships among researchers and to get better understanding in needs of agriculture and industrial, including automobile, computer, electronic, medical, textile, fishery, and so forth.

          NSTDA is served as a mechanism to accelerating science, technology, and innovation development in Thailand to response to the need of the industry and enhance country competitiveness in the global economy. It also support R&D, Design and Engineering (RDDE) to be utilised via Technology Transfer (TT), Human Resource Development (HRD), and Science and Technology Infrastructure investment to foster the country’s competitiveness and sustainable development with effective internal management in all aspects.

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