The National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC) was established by the Cabinet Resolution on September 16, 1986. Its main objective is to create and enhance capabilities in materials technology of both governmental and private sectors through Research, Development & Engineering, technology transfer, HRD and infrastructure development in order to be a driving force behind the economic growth of the country.

          MTEC contributes to the competitiveness and development of the country through 5 industrial targets as followed:

  1. Materials and Machinery for Sustainable Agriculture (Food) Focus on increase productivity and preservation of fruit and vegetable
  2. Materials and Machinery for Sustainable Agriculture (Non-Food) Focus on innovation for sustainable production reform and application of rubber product
  3. Materials Solution for Better Living (Health & Hygiene) Focus on the increasing need of aging society in term of food and consumable products for better health and quality of life
  4. Materials Solution for Better Living and Security (Construction) Focus on material development and living environment management using computational simulation to design material’s property modification as needed
  5. Technology for Smart Mobility Focus on material technology development and engineering for automotive and spare parts (such as structure and tyre) and energy

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