Leasehold Land


          Thailand Science Park offers leasehold land with public utility for tenant to build research building of their own design that suit their space requirements.

Currently, there are two companies that have established their research buildings on the  leasehold land:

1. Betagro Science Center Laboratory. The laboratory, under Betagro Group,  is capable  of providing  extensive  services  of examination and analyses in Livestock, Feed and Food Industries, as well as animal health’s monitoring program and diagnosis of animal disease, raw material and feed quality testing, and food quality testing. 

2. SCG Living Tech Technology Center. The center focus on R&D in construction materials and living solution technology to response to the “Better Habitat Solutions”. They have develop prototype house called “The NEST” (The Next Eco-Sustainable Technology for Home) which has integrate technology and system to be a Smart Living, Eco Living, and Living Care in harmonization to accommodate the ever-changing trend of every family members for their happiness, comfort, safety, energy saving and environmental friendly.