Low Interest Loan

          The NSTDA is well aware of the significance of encouraging new-faced entrepreneurs in production industries in Thailand to place more attention on technology investment and organization research and development to increase competing ability in the international level.To help the private sectors mitigate investment risk and to make them self-assured in researching and developing, the NSTDA launches the project “Company Directed Technology Development Program (CD).” The program aims to provide “low interest loan” to production industriesin private sector who want to start their research and develop their products, to improve their production process, to establish their laboratories, to do reverse engineering and to commercialize their researches. The loan is especially offered to the projects in the following disciplines: 

  • Genetic Engineer and Biotechnology
  • Metal and Materials
  • Electronics and Technology
  • Other discipline that can lead to science and technology advancement

For further information, please click www.nstda.or.th/cdp