The National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC) was established in 1983 with major role in R&D in platform technology in response to the country’s needs. It also support and transfer technology for the development of industry, agriculture, natural resources, environment and consequently the social and economic well-being of Thai people.

          BIOTEC’s platform technologies focus on building capacity in technologies and subsequently providing knowledge platforms for the thematic research programs include Genomics Technology, Agro-Biotechnology, and Microbial Biotechnology. Thematic Research Programs include:

Agriculture and Food

          The focus is on using biotechnology to improve yield and upgrade the processing and quality of food industry, with the prime focus on Thai’s key economic food, plant, and animal such as rice, cassava, rubber, palm oil, tiger prawn, cattle.

Health and Medicine

          This program focuses its Molecular Biology Research to advance knowledge on neglected diseases such as malaria, influenza, and Avian influenza which are growing public health threat in Thailand. Develop bioinformatics technology to predict, prevent, and treat chronic genetic diseases such as thalassaemia.

Bioresource Technology

          This program is set up in order to utilize and scientifically manage biodiversity, ranging from surveying and identification, preservation, utilization, conservation and legal management of biological resources. The Unit gives special emphasis to the utilization of biotechnology as a core technology to increase the value of commercial products, such as food and feed, enzyme products, drug and bioactive compounds and biocontrol agents.

Energy and Environment

          The program focuses on the treatment and rehabilitation in order to solve environmental problems such as optimizing the use of water and energy in agro-industry. It’s providing technical services on anaerobic technology for biogas production as alternative energy in agro-industries; improvement in treatment efficiency for biogas reactors, studying the feasibility  of biogas technology transfer to industry, as well as develop conversion process that is used to convert biomass into valuable products or biofuel.

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