Quality Of Life

Thailand Science Park (TSP) is built around the concept of “Work-Life Integration” . This key infrastructure is operate 7x24 and established to promote greater innovativeness and encourage more R&D activities within the technology intensive sectors.   Quality of life (QoL) of the people in the community is, therefore, necessary as it helps promote open innovation and hub for knowledge workers, researchers and technology intensive companies both local and international. 
         TSP covers with 30% of green space with link-ways to all buildings. Its provides comprehensive suite of facilities including banks, coffee shops, educational institutes from pre-school to university level, restaurants, accommodations, sport centers, golf courses. TSP tenants can also join our recreation activities such as musical performance,  sport competition, science film, etc. Tenants can also tap into NSTDA’s training and seminar on business and technical topics. With its strategic location, companies will get advantage of the access and interact with large pool of over 2000 full-time scientists and researchers in the community.