National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) was established in 1986 with its main responsibilities of under taking, supporting and promoting the research and development of electronics and computer technologies that contributes to the economic and social impacts of the country. NECTEC contributes to the development of Thailand's capability in electronics and computer technologies through 3 main strategies and 5 industrial targets as followed:

3 main strategies are:

  • Solving the country's socio-economics problems by create practical R&D
  • Develop internal process to promoting practical R&D
  • Support innovation and technology, human development, alliance and network in local and international level

5 industrial targets are:

1. Food and Agriculture

          Develop Smart Farm technology and system to increase efficiency of Digital Food Chain for example agricultural zoning management; mobile application for agriculture and registration of farmers; IT to support precision farming via prediction, warning and communication system; plant disease/contamination diagnostic system.

2. Manufacturing and Service Industry

          Develop Smart Manufacturing and Smart Service initiatives such as robot and automation system, system to increase manufacturing efficiency, motor and drive system for electric vehicle, service system and information integration to support efficiency and development of Smart City, system for protection and security service.

3. Health and Medical

         The agency has developed the Smart Healthcare and Rehabilitation & Assistive Care system including National Health Information System, Smart Medical Device, system and tools to assist handicapped and elderly people.

4. Resource, Energy and Environment

          Develop Smart Grid & Green environment system for example energy management system, system and tools for home appliance energy saving, water management system, precise warning system.

5. Community, Rural Area and Disadvantaged

          Lifelong Learning project such as system and ICT equipment for rural and border area accessibility, local wisdom database for economic opportunity of the country.


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