200% Tax Deduction for R&D

         To encourage and urge R&D in private sector, Thai government allow companies to base their tax reduction on 3 times the cost of their R&D expenditures. The maximum tax reduction allowed for each firm depends on the company’s income. Companies with an income of less than THB50 million can deduct up to 60% of their income, companies with income of more than THB50 million but less than THB200 million can deduct no more than 9% of their income, and companies with income of more than THB200 million cannot have a deduction greater than 6% of their income. The National Science and Technology Development Agency will evaluate candidate companies by applying the previously defined definitions of basic research, applied research, and product development testing used by the Revenue Department. Currently, NSTDA offer a RDC Online Service for evaluate and certify R&D project, and monitor and check the result online. The system is designed with high security and information confidentiality concern.

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Tel. (+66)2-2564-7000 ext. 1328-1332
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Website : https://www.nstda.or.th/rdp/