Intellectual Property
          Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind, such as trademark, copyright, patent, petty patent, or product design patent. Any research or invention will be protected when the application submitted and, more importantly, it must not be duplicated or published before. Therefore, IP database is necessary for R&D and IP filing, permission to commercialization of research outcome, as well as legal enforcement.
          Thailand Science Park houses the Science & Technology Knowledge Services (STKS) center is a digital hub for the latest information and knowledge, offering services such as online academic databases, electronic journals (e-Journals) for over 100 leading science journal worldwide, a Thai research database, and a Thai thesis database as well as information for research and development purposes.  The services are offered to the government and the private sector, as well as education institutes and the general public. The STKS also offers researchers and tenants in TSP IP database, patent mapping, and ThemeScape map. For more information about STKS please contact stks@nstda.or.th
         Aside from STKS, TSP also houses the Intellectual Design Group Co., Ltd. (IDG). The company offers integrated IP service, range from brand building, patent and trademark registration service, product and packaging design and develop, IP drafting and registration for invention and industrial design product in local and international, and industrial technology analysis service by searching worldwide IP database for example 
         TECHNOLOGY TREND ANALYSIS to analyse company’s and its competitor’s innovation for IP strategy planning or business partnering. 
         WHITESPACE ANALYSIS to analyse consumer behavior insight as well as technology trend and gap in order to create effective business model and innovation that answer to all aspect of business requirements. 
         IP PORT MANAGEMENT & STRATEGY CONSULTING to manage IP as tool for business success.

          For more information please contact IDG at Tower D, Innovation Cluster 2 (INC 2), Thailand Science Park or Head Office at Nondthaburi. 
Tel.: (+66)2-011-7161-6 
Website: http://idgthailand.com/ 
Line@Id: @idgthailand