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1 September 2023

Thailand Science Park Collaborates with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation to Welcome Japanese Medical Cluster Companies

On 29 August 2023, Thailand's Science Park (TSP), led by Deputy Director Dr. Sanat Wongtaweethong, in collaboration with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC), hosted a delegation of 40 Japanese business executives from 20 companies operating in the medical and medical devices sectors.
During the visit, Dr. Sanat clarified the critical roles played by the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and the TSP in bolstering the medical cluster. Dr. Kriskrai Sitthiseripratip, a Senior Researcher, subsequently offered insights into the functions of the Assistive Technology and Medical Devices Research Center (A-MED). Additionally, Mr. Kazumi Matsumoto, Director of Thai Olba Health Care Ltd., presented the topic 'How can Japanese companies develop medical devices in Thailand?'
These overviews enabled to engender confidence among Japanese businesses by providing a comprehensive perspective on the Park's innovation ecosystem. This ecosystem is replete with R&D facilities and infrastructure that meet world-class standards, particularly in the realms of medicine and medical devices.
Upon concluding the presentations, Dr. Sanat guided the delegation on a tour of the following facilities:
  1. The A-MED Center : A specialised research centre with a mission to elevate Thailand's medical device manufacturing industry to international standards. This aims to make quality medical equipment more affordable and reduce dependency on imports.
  2. Electrical and Electronic Products Testing Center (PTEC) : A facility compliant with international standards, offering services in testing, calibration, research, development, and production of electrical and electronic products.
  3. Nakashima Medical Technical Center (Thailand) : An R&D centre dedicated to the design and development of joint implants, along with a training office. This visit aimed to create a strong impression and confidence in the Park's robust medical research capabilities.
SMBC has stated that “Collaboration with governmental research institutions, especially NSTDA, which oversees the TSP and 5 National Research Centres, will expedite licensing, product development, and cost reduction in accordance with international standards. This serves as a one-stop service for Japanese entrepreneurs interested in launching businesses in Thailand. The delegation exhibited considerable interest, and we have plans to invite entrepreneurs from additional sectors, such as food and biotechnology,” said Takashi Toyoda, Country Head of Thailand for SMBC.
Dr. Sanat remarked “We are delighted that SMBC has initiated efforts to bring Japanese entrepreneurs with investment interests in Thailand to our R&D facilities within the Park. Our unique strengths include hosting over 20 Japanese companies, which constitute the majority of foreign firms engaged in R&D here. Such a presence will make Japanese entrepreneurs feel a sense of familiarity with like-minded individuals. With an increase in the number of Japanese companies in the Science Park, networking will become easier, thereby enhancing the likelihood of fruitful collaborations among private companies.”